Friday, February 13, 2009

January 22 Matty's 8th Birthday

Matty's birthday was on the second of three 40 degree plus days in a row. Melbourne was on it's way to a record-breaking heatwave. Originally Bryan and Gayle were going to do something outdoors but instead they took Matty and DJ to Scienceworks. They continually change their displays and have special exhibitions so it was the perfect place to go on a boiling hot day.

When they got home my Mum and I went to Bryan and Gayle's house to sing happy birthday and have some cake - ice cream cake. It was bound to melt quickly so we couldn't leave it out too long.

When we got there we found Bryan and Gayle cleaning up glass in the boy's bedroom. The pole from the external blind came away from the wall and smashed through the window. Luckily they weren't there when it happened but it took ages to clean up all the glass.