Friday, February 27, 2009

Shaving Cream technique for making cards

I just came across this technique on youtube. The effect is similar to tie-dying by using shaving cream. It's a great effect. There are some very imaginative people out there!

Here's the video:

Another card making technique

Here's another video from Dawn, one of my fav SU consultants.

Friday, February 13, 2009

January 24 Matty's birthday party

Matty's birthday party was at McDonalds. About a dozen kids came and they all had a great time.

January 23 Final Victory game of the season

The last game of the season was against Wellington Phoenix. There was a really good crowd for the last game. Plenty of people here to say goodbye to the season. We won the game and finished on top of the ladder but had to wait to make sure Adelaide didn't win their game to make sure we stayed there. Luckily for the Victory, Adelaide drew their game so we won the Premiership Plate.

I got to the game really early because I love to watch the players warm up. Our reserved seats are at the back of Level 1 and under cover about 20 rows back so we get a really good view but sometimes I like to be right at ground level. You really feel the atmosphere down there. I was able to take some really good action shots of my favourite players warming up.

January 22 Matty's 8th Birthday

Matty's birthday was on the second of three 40 degree plus days in a row. Melbourne was on it's way to a record-breaking heatwave. Originally Bryan and Gayle were going to do something outdoors but instead they took Matty and DJ to Scienceworks. They continually change their displays and have special exhibitions so it was the perfect place to go on a boiling hot day.

When they got home my Mum and I went to Bryan and Gayle's house to sing happy birthday and have some cake - ice cream cake. It was bound to melt quickly so we couldn't leave it out too long.

When we got there we found Bryan and Gayle cleaning up glass in the boy's bedroom. The pole from the external blind came away from the wall and smashed through the window. Luckily they weren't there when it happened but it took ages to clean up all the glass.

January 19 Matty starts soccer again

Matty's soccer started up after the Christmas/School holiday break.

It was a really hot day so they made the pitch quite small so the kids didn't have to do a lot of running around. They were all encouraged to drink lots of water and not run too much.

It was also the first day of my holidays. I was really looking forward to the week off.

January 18: A sign of the times

Mum came to my house to sort some photos and do some scrapbooking and plan our holiday for later in the year.

As a sign of the times we both had our laptop computers out and were working side by side. It's so funny these days to go to CM workshops and see all of these consultants and customers working on their Storybook albums.