Monday, September 8, 2008

My favourite colour - Red

I'm posting this as part of a blog challenge on Scrapshare.

Red is my favourite colour. I love colour - all different colours - but I am fanatical about red. It all started when I was around 10 or 11 years old and I started going for the Sydney Swans Before they moved to Sydney they were the South Melbourne Swans.

When I buy anything, if there is a choice I'll go for red. If I'm in a shop I won't notice other colours in a range, just the red one. Last weekend I bought an external hard drive. It was only available in red but no one believes me. They are so used to me buying clothes, furnishings etc in red.

When I moved into my house, my niece unpacked all my clothes and hung them in the walk in wardrobe. My sister-in-law walked in and said "look at the all the red clothes", my reply was "there isn't that much". I still think there's not a lot of red clothes but no one agrees with me.

To me red is a vibrant, passionate colour and full of life. It's bold and bright.


Karen said...

great reading leanne. the pic is pretty cool too!