Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scrapshare Blog Challenge #28

"I read recently that our sense of smell is much stronger than we realize. For many people a specific scent can trigger nostalgic memories from years and years ago. For others, a whiff of a specific scent or odor for that matter can bring back awful memories. Is there a scent that does this for you? Talk to me about smells that you remember, from childhood, your teenage years, or even more recently, and be sure to tell of what these scents mean to you when they resurface in your life now."

Recently I came across a product that took me right back to my grandma's house. It really hit home to me. You see my grandma died in 1980 when I was 7 so I don't have a lot of memories of her. However she used to use puff powder which smelt really nice. The product that reminded me is the Stampin Up stamp cleaner - the spray. It's a very strange product to smell like powder but as I said it took me right back.


Lita said...

Great to see you posting!

I've never smelt or used the SU stamp have me curious now

Traci said...

That is too funny. Who knew that SU cleaner could evoke such memories. Now your fellow scrappers/card makers are going to wonder why you keep sniffing it, lol.

Karen said...

I totally agree with you leanne, after having a whiff!! lol. fantastic.

Le@nne said...

I have a deodorant that we used on our honey moon in Vanuatu. It's in my drawer, not being used - unless I want to spray it and take myself back there!