Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pink Ribbon Breakfast 2008 - 25th October

Gayle organised a Pink Ribbon Breakfast which was going to be held at her house until the CFA offered the use of their meeting room. This enabled her to invite many more people and raise much more money that she originally wanted to.

I offered to make cupcakes and decided on 5 dozen (don't ask me where I plucked that figure from) and will never make that many again LOL. They needed to be made at the last minute to be fresh so I stayed up late the night before (luckily it was a Friday) to make and decorate them. I found a really nice recipe on my fav cooking website and bought some things to decorate such as hundreds & thousands and marshmallows.

More than 50 people came and Gayle raised over $1100. She initially wanted to make $200.

Next year she wants to make it bigger and better. I only hope she doesn't ask me to make cupcakes LOL.