Saturday, January 3, 2009

kids v parents at soccer

At the end of the 'season' for a lot of kids sports clinics, it is traditional for kids to take on their parents. Here are some photos of my brother (Bryan) and older nephew (DJ) taking on my younger nephew (Matty). I was asked to join in to but decided not to.

The top photo shows Matty's reaction after missing a goal - something he really hates. He is a genuine striker and is said by his coaches to have a lot of potential if he sticks to it.
The second photo is of DJ (wearing the plain red shirt) kicking one of his many goals playing and the third one is of Bryan (wearing the red shirt with the number 8 on the back) playing.
Overall it was great to watch; lots of fun seeing the kids take on their families. They are always very determined to beat them.