Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What shape are you???

No this doesn't relate to your body shape. It's a personality test.

Here's the link: http://www.quizilla.com/quizzes/451405/what-shape-are-you-a-triangle-a-circle-a-rectangle-a-square-or-a-squiggle

And here's my result:

You are a triangle.

  • The triangle is rooted in thousands of years of history.
  • The symbol itself focuses upward to the sun, to the deity. It is the pyramids. In current times it is the hierarchy in management. Triangles are the ultimate symbol of leadership.
  • Triangles are strong, decisive people. Triangles are the power shape. Triangles love to tell other shapes what to do. The triangle is a strategic thinker with long-term plan. Male triangles are delegators; female triangles still do everything themselves.
  • The triangle is a left brain linear thinker; however, the triangle processes information very quickly. Triangles do everything faster because they wish to get to the point.
  • Triangles are the snap decision makers.
  • Triangles are generally smart people. On the Downside, they tend to be egotistical, into status symbols, and highly opinionated. (ouch)
  • They are focused and smart.
  • Triangles are the classic leadership type and most likely to be found in the boardroom; however, they are not broad thinkers and tend to be self-oriented instead of open. Motto of the triangle is I did it my way
  • Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are Triangles.

I can vouch that this is quite accurate which is very scary.


Lita said...

They are very scary aren't they lol