Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got some pages done last!

Each month I crop with a friend. We take it in turns going to each other's house. Yesterday it was at her house. We have worked out workshop schedules for this year and a few months into next year and try to use our own pages to show the different techniques and stickers/paper packs brought out by CM.

For the next few months we are working on tags using the new CM Tag Maker and different styles of borders. Borders have become a little unfashionable since CM released the power palettes so we want to show how you case use them to create borders.

Yesterday I completed 4 pages for my 2008 album using the Tag Maker. The pictures are below, the first double page layout (DPL) is finished but I I'm not sure if I'm going to use the tags for stickers or journalling in the second DPL but wanted to share it anyway. The colours are not what I would normally use. They are quite subdued, especially the accommodation one but they suit the Gold Coast.


Donna said...

Can't see the pictures :(

Know what you mean about borders becoming unfashionable. I've still got a stash of pre-made ones that I'm slowly using up by puting them on the plain (as in not patterned) 12x12 papers.

Aussie Leanne said...

Sorry you couldn't see the photos before. I got kicked off the internet in the middle of loading the pics so I've only just done it now.

Lita said...

Lovely Leanne :)

Donna said...

Can see them now! Very nicely done and I think the subdued colours really suit the photos.

Aussie Wendy said...

I have a large stash of borders I'll probably never use. Great idea making bits up together.