Monday, September 15, 2008

Cooking magazine subscription

I love to cook. If I had a nice modern kitchen I would be cooking all the time. But I don't. (sigh)

Anyway I subscribe to one cooking magazine (Super Food Ideas) which I consider to be the worlds best cooking mag. It's not a fancy mag, just has everyday-type meals and tips. Last week Gayle told me there was an offer if we renewed. We would get a cake tin. I thought that sounded good and extended by subscription. Well it arrived today and it's huge.
And deep. Would be perfect for making thick, long cakes. Mmmm I can picture a nice mud cake being made in this tin.
My other favourite cooking mag is Recipes+.


Lita said...

Oh yum - when are we scrapping again? lol Think you might need ot bring a cake :D

Treasure Queen said...

Looks like it will be a pretty big cake - hope there's a piece for me too!