Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I decided it's time I entered the world of blogs. Well this isn't actually my first blog but it's been months since I posted in my old one and there were only a few posts anyway.

I'm going to ask for help making it cool because it's as boring as hell and I've seen some brilliant ones that belong to some of my friends.


Aussie Leanne said...

With Lita's help I now have a more interesting template so it's not boring now. I'll start working on adding things tomorrow. I've got lots of photos to add. I've started a photobucket account tonight so will import photos into albums in there.

Karen said...

Hi Leanne!! Welcome to blogging, I've joined in too!! I'll see you around in cyberspace :)

Lita said...

Welcome sweety! Can't wait to read your entries! HInt hint :p